Tea and Tableware art

Art du Thé et de la table

... and other surprises

... et autres surprises

          I have practised this multi-millenial craft—closely linked to the art of tea—for nearly 25 years.  

         Each of my unique pieces is a synthesis of tradition, technical acrobatics and practicality.

        My research on glazes and my aesthetic aims are subtly combined—to attempt to turn rock and ash into poetry ...

On-line shop

Exception pieces, Chawans

     This is where I propose you my most precious pieces to complete or start your collection of rare works.

     The differences in price are related mainly to the difficulty of obtaining glazes and their exceptional character in expression that goes as far as possible. All the pieces have the same quality in terms of strength and resistance.

Fairies, Pixies, spirits of woods

     The fairy people born of the Earth finally show themselves!

     They like to protect the house from bad weather or from malicious persons. They work for the  good health of the people who live there...

     If you adopt an imp, fairy or protective sorceress you will be able to choose its name and invent its magic powers!

Tableware collections

      The variety of forms and glazes provides a joyful freedom of expression for setting a table in your image.

      Plates, bowls, yunomis, mugs, salad bowls ... Unique stoneware and porcelain items.

      Perfectly functionnal,  solid and suitable for foods.



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